Tallero + Gerundio

How to imitate the physical experience in an online channel?

Reinterpreting the experience to boost the business.

Tallero is a Mexican company expert in the design and manufacture of custom furniture.

After a period of rapid growth, they detected that their two main points of contact —the physical showroom and the online store— worked on very different things: while in the physical store they managed to offer a complete experience accompanied by personalized advice, their online store was simply a furniture buying platform.

This difference between their channels led Tallero to seek a renewal of its brand.

Starting its redesign without having a strategic path was almost like manufacturing a piece of furniture without knowing its measurements, so we first analyzed the characteristics and strengths of the business, studied its competitive context, and investigated the perception of its customers.

Based on this, we built an online experience capable of adapting to the needs and interests of different types of users, which allowed us to align the e-commerce experience with that of the physical showroom, bringing personalization to the digital world and providing the brand with coherence.

To accompany this strategic direction, we designed a visual identity that responds to a mature and professional personality without neglecting its free and daring character, which is reflected in the spontaneous lines that intervene in the rest of the system to represent Tallero’s characteristic personalization.

Finally, we created a digital communication strategy aimed at transmitting the value and benefits of the brand to its different audiences.

Understanding and delving into the “how” and “why” of the business allowed us to align Tallero’s brand experience in its different channels. Currently, customization is experienced and perceived in the same way both in its physical showroom and in its online store, making the Tallero experience much more consistent.