Gerundio + eleva+

How to generate value through an efficient platform?

Digitalizing accounting to boost business growth


  • Brand and Communications
  • Experience and Interaction


eleva+ (formerly named El20) is a platform dedicated to providing its users with clear and indispensable information to plan, anticipate and make fiscal and financial decisions.

The business’ accelerated growth required aligning the technological infrastructure with the experience that clients had with their financial analysts and CAds (certified advisors). For, although the onboarding process was already digital, the service itself was still one-to-one, making automation and efficiency problematic.


To align both sides of the experience, we focused on redefining the brand value proposition, finding a balance between the human and the technological.

We took the mechanical work of accounting to automation and placed value on CAds and analysts’ work in developing fiscal and financial strategies to drive their clients’ business.

We improved the front end and usability of the platform, adjusted the information architecture, incorporated new functionalities and automations, and designed dashboards and data visualizers.

We created specific solutions based on the needs of customers and prospects.


  • Digitization of the brand experience
  • Complex digital product, easy to use
  • Efficiency in eleva+ operations


“Putting the user experience first resulted in a user-friendly digital product that adds value both inside and outside the company, making the work of the eleva+ team more efficient and providing its clients with clarity and control over their finances to make better decisions.”