Ouipil + Gerundio

How to integrate tradition and modernity into the same brand?

Making an idea tangible through a differentiating strategy.

Ouipil is a brand born from the idea of sharing the taste and essence of Mexican huipils with the world.

Understanding that the bulk of the market is made up of foreign women in love with Mexican culture, we saw the need to turn this product into a glocal one; that is, it had to consider both global and local factors and gather characteristics of both realities.

The first thing we did was analyze the competitive context of the brand. In doing so, we realize that the vast majority of competitors aim for a positioning focused on the relationship they have with the communities that produce this type of clothing, without necessarily making it transparent whether it is a fair relationship.

This finding led us to consider whether it was possible to decontextualize the concept of tradition to give a new meaning to this unique product.

We designed a brand that highlights the local and traditional attributes of the huipil and takes them into a current and modern language. We have developed an e-commerce that reflects this cultural contrast, with a visual identity that is characterized by the balance of colors, textures, and shapes corresponding to both temporal contexts.

In addition, we got involved in the guidelines of the brand’s photographic style and influenced the design of labels and packaging.

Regarding communication, we structure a language aligned with the brand values, with pillars that touch on various topics such as lifestyle, fair trade, history, tradition, and curatorship. Lastly, we built an Instagram vibe for the brand based on this strategy of contrasts.

Understanding the essence of the project and its cultural context was essential to bring to life a brand that is both respectful of traditions and visionary. Today, Ouipil has begun to position itself as a brand that values the work and ancestral techniques of communities while bringing them closer to people from all over the world.