We are people collaborating with people.

We are moved by connecting and interacting. We are people looking for answers in other people.

We appreciate trust and openness. As human beings, we yearn to connect through clarity and sincerity.

We are fascinated by innovation and creativity. We are restless, constantly looking for new ways to overcome challenges.


Elena Benítez

Director and Business Strategy

The challenges, the process and the learning fill me with energy. I am a catalytic element, I work to turn ideas into actions. I am an integrator, I enjoy adding and collaborating.

Cecilia Rodríguez

Creative Director and Operations

I am enthusiastic about guiding creative stories. I take care of every detail to ensure that smiles are detonated. I infuse passion and strategy.


Eduardo Gutiérrez

Strategy and Communication Lead

I enjoy asking questions. I always seek to bring value to projects. I put words together to tell exciting stories.

Andrea Vallarta

Activation and Growth Lead

I am passionate about data and numbers. I cross-reference information to trigger business strategies. I enjoy efficiency.

Melisa Agúndez

Experience and Interaction Lead

I am driven by arousing emotions in users. I am a creative link. I design experiences with intention.

Edgar Chávez

Development Lead

I enjoy challenges. I develop solutions with order and simplicity. Lending a hand is my modus operandi.

Patricia Santillán

Research Lead

Fulfilled by researching and learning from people. I blend humanity with information. I listen to the environment and to users.

Carlos de Santiago

Brand and Communication

I get excited about new ideas. I debate to go deeper. I transform brands that connect with people.

Fernando Bautista

Brand and Communication

I always wake up with a desire to learn new things. I catalyze and bring ideas to life. I strive to leave my mark on what I do.

Ana Pérez

Brand and Communication

I materialize dreams into ideas. I am always ready to help with a smile. I unleash visual emotions.

Paola Morales

Experience and Interaction

I love to collaborate. I am proactive and questioning. I bring joy to every solution.

Eric Silva

Activation and Growth

Driven to question the environment. I seek to add depth to projects. I learn while solving challenges.

Alan Luna

Strategy and Communication

I have a restless mind. I believe in the power of words. I build brands that have something to say.

Axel Tinoco


Always ready to help. I bring order and laughter to projects. Finding solutions gives me joy.

Diana Lozano

Diana Lozano

Brand and Communication

Passionate about connecting with new people. Always optimistic and open-minded. Finding magic in transforming ideas.

Fernanda Ruíz

Project Manager

Going through life organizing and laughing. Solving and learning day by day. Helping others makes me happy.

Ivonne Guzmán

Project Manager

Excited about planning. Looking for ways to improve teamwork. I listen to people with empathy.

Luis Noz

Project Manager

I love planning and organization. I am passionate about solving day-to-day challenges. I help the team to excel.

Suzette Roque


I enjoy solving. I am responsible for making sure everyone is happy in their workspace. I make the work flow.