Doters + Gerundio

How to bring to life the most Mexican rewards program of all?

Building comprehensively the new brand loyalty plan.

Doters is a points and rewards program created to award the loyalty of customers and users of some of the most beloved brands in Mexico.

Faced with the challenge of creating a brand that would express the benefits and attributes of the rewards program and generate a unique sense of belonging in the category, we began by getting to know the Mexican market in depth, understanding its relationship with its brand consumption and its experience with other loyalty programs.

We cast different flows of the usual experience of these users, both in physical and online channels, identifying the interactions they usually have, as well as their needs and barriers, the frictions they may encounter, and the points where the experience is usually better valued.

With this in mind, we defined the attributes on which to build this new brand so that it could improve its engagement with its users. We designed a one-of-a-kind identity in the category and called the program “Doters”; a simple yet memorable name that fosters a sense of belonging.

In addition, we created a proper, diverse, and inclusive illustration system to represent all the reward program users.

We built Doters‘ digital properties —both its website and its app— with a method that allowed us to focus on the user to make his experience smoother and more satisfying, leading them to a better understanding of the program, becoming familiar with its features and enjoying at its best the advantages of it.

Finally, we carried out the introductory publicity campaign of the program to the Mexican market, exposing its benefits and inviting potential users to become part of it.

Through a comprehensive project, we were able to bring to life a simple, exciting, and fun rewards program that invites Mexicans to enjoy more of the brands they know and consume daily, providing them with new reasons to celebrate.