Rumbo Ventures + Gerundio

How to lead the change in investments in Latin America?

Helping entrepreneurs and sustainable projects to change the Rumbo (the Spanish word for a course)

Rumbo Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that invests in sustainable and climate tech companies in Latin America.

Intending to reflect its innovative spirit and vision of a sustainable future, we began by delving into the essence of Rumbo, as well as the investment sector in Latin America.

With a clear direction in mind, we worked together with Fernando and his team to define a value proposition based on their commitment to a sustainable future. Likewise, we created a name that reflects the change of direction and the avant-garde perspective that Rumbo brings to the world of investments in the continent.

In addition, we designed a visual identity and a logo that represent Rumbo’s sustainable and responsible vision, while adding a touch of dynamism, innovation, and vision of the future to the brand.

Finally, we created a website that expresses Rumbo’s main purpose, as well as the projects in which it has invested due to its profile, vision, and concrete actions.

Currently, Rumbo Ventures is beginning to lead the change in the investment scene in Latin America by supporting entrepreneurs and sustainable projects that are committed to creating a better future for all.