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How to lead the investment change in Latin America?

Helping entrepreneurs and sustainable projects to change the course


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand and Communications
  • Experience and Interaction


Rumbo Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that invests in sustainable and ClimateTech companies in Latin America and other markets such as Spain, Portugal and Italy. Currently, they are beginning to lead the change in the investment landscape in Latin America by supporting entrepreneurs and sustainable projects that are committed to creating a better future for all.

The founders’ desire to grow the project came with the challenge of creating a brand that reflected environmental responsibility and innovation, while connecting in an authentic and human way with people and entrepreneurs.


With the intention of reflecting its innovative spirit and vision for a sustainable future, we started by digging deep into the essence of Rumbo, as well as the investment industry in Latin America.

With a clear direction in mind, we worked with Fernando and his team to define a value proposition based on their commitment to a sustainable future. We also created a name that reflects the change of direction and cutting-edge perspective that Rumbo brings to the investment world in the continent.

In addition, we designed a visual identity and a logo that convey Rumbo’s sustainable and responsible vision, while adding a touch of dynamism, innovation and forward-thinking to the brand.

Finally, we created a website that manifests Rumbo Ventures’ mission and purpose, as well as presenting the projects in which Rumbo has invested in terms of its profile, vision and concrete actions.


  • Definition of value proposition
  • Conveying the vision of Rumbo Ventures
  • Development of an informative website


“Digging deeply and understanding how we could reflect the innovative spirit for a sustainable future in the Latin American investment sector was key for us to be able to design the brand.”

“hanks to every member of this amazing team, each one provided a key element to the development of the project. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work they did!”

– Fernando Lelo de Larrea / CEO, Rumbo Ventures