Gerundio + Sin Reglas

How to contribute to breaking paradigms?

Creating from empathy


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand and Communications
  • Experience and Interaction
  • Activation and Growth


Sin Reglas is a project by and for women. This Femtech was born with the intention of enabling more and more women to experience menopause in fullness and freedom.


With this in mind, we decided to work hand in hand with each other, digging deeper into its purpose and defining each component of the experience.

We approached different women to find out what they thought, felt and expected from menopause and from a proposal like Sin Reglas. We defined behavioral archetypes, ranked their needs, barriers and desires, and matched them with what was initially envisioned for this platform.

We narrowed down the value proposition and set the course to design a brand that would give a twist to this highly stigmatized process for women.

We sought to balance the sobriety and boldness of the proposal with a personality that would make every woman feel confident and powerful.

We developed an illustration system that allowed them to identify themselves without judgment, to trace their own path in an optimistic and approachable way.

We helped land the experience in flows and in an MVP (minimum viable product) that responds to the needs of the users and integrates priority components for the creators of Sin Reglas. We served as guides in defining the experience and narrowed down a scalable product.

Over time, and through continuous collaboration, we have helped Sin Reglas to strategically prioritize the launch of its products and initiatives, as well as to carry out iterations in its business model that have helped optimize resources.

Additionally, we have collaborated in the communication strategy applied to social networks, constantly listening to the conversations coming from them in order to adapt the content to their information consumption habits.

Talking with diverse women and connecting with the essence of Sin Reglas made us aware of the problem and inspired an expressive, honest and inclusive brand. It also allowed us to design a flexible product that can continue to grow over time.


  • 47% of organic traffic
  • 2.5x times more MoM users
  • 3x times more duration on page


“Listening and analyzing the environment have been key skills to help Sin Reglas grow strategically.”

“Gerundio has accompanied us since the creation of Sin Reglas, thanks to that we have been able to easily test business and communication approaches. Gerundio is a fundamental part of Sin Reglas.”

– Gabriela Rojas / Founder and CEO Sin Reglas