Gerundio + Movo novo

How to share the thrill of riding?

Materializing a business vision through branding


  • Brand and Communications


Movo Novo is a company created by a group of restless entrepreneurs and passionate cyclists who set out to give a second or third life to pre-owned bicycles.

Faced with the challenge of creating this brand, we distinguished the need to reflect the dynamism, motion and passion for wheels, while helping its founders to consolidate their platform for buying and selling bicycles.


Mentoring and collaboration were key pillars for the creation of a strategy based on an exciting, agile, reliable and empowering personality. From there, we generated a short, composed and dynamic name that is a reflection of this strategic direction.

On a visual level, we designed an identity that accompanies this line and reflects the freshness, dynamism and joy of Movo Novo through the combination of colors and shapes that project it as a dynamic brand.

Lastly, we helped them activate their brand in the digital channel through a series of user experience recommendations that gave life to their first version of e-commerce for buying and selling bicycles.


  • Understanding cyclists’ needs
  • Strategic alignment of all brand elements
  • Optimized digital experience for users


“Listening to users was essential to finding a positioning that truly shared the thrill of riding with their audiences.”