Engen + Gerundio

How to bet on modernization without ceasing to be professionals?

Giving a new face to the digital cover letter.

Engen is a leading financial company in the Mexican market and specialized in the corporate finance industry.

As part of a digital transformation effort, and to reach new audiences of different sizes, Engen was looking to give its website a stylish touch and restructure the information available on it.

Analyzing their user experience and through a user-centered design exercise, we evolve the structure of their site, turning it into an intuitive, organized page with an architecture that will allow it to grow and include future initiatives in a neat and logical way.

In addition, we gave the site a new focus that takes it beyond being just an information portal to become a conversion channel with strategic calls to action, forms, and quotes, as well as lead automation to drive sales.

Finally, we provide the site with a fresh and technological identity through its iconography and a palette of striking and trendy colors. Thus, we gave the brand a modern face without neglecting its institutional essence to position it for new customers.

Engen now has one more tool to contribute to its digital transformation and continue building the positioning it seeks today and into the future.