Prepa Anáhuac + Gerundio

How to build the position of a very university high school?

Communicating the essence of Prepa Anáhuac through an innovative campaign.

Prepa Anáhuac is the Anáhuac University high school. In Mexico, they have 18 schools in 14 states and, together with the University and the Semper Altius School Network, are part of one of the most prominent private educational systems in the country.

With five years of existence, Prepa Anáhuac found itself with the need to renew its communication campaign. They were looking for a strategy that would help them focus on the freedom with which students begin to experience at this stage of their lives, without neglecting the characteristic accompaniment of the Anáhuac community, as well as the responsibility involved in preparing to take the next step and enter university.

To do this, the first thing we did was understand where the high school was standing, what its position was next to the rest of the category, and what were those essential brand attributes that we could use to build a campaign that would position Prepa Anáhuac as a much more university-style high school.

We defined a series of brand aspects that later became the fuel for the new communication campaign, which we built around the concept of positive action leadership.

We call the campaign #SeamosLíderes, an invitation to explore the different types of skills and knowledge that will guide students to lead their path with values and responsibility.

We gave a series of innovative visual features to the campaign to update the identity of the high school, establishing the students at the center to make them spokespersons and protagonists, and we generated various materials for the online and offline channels.

Through this campaign, we helped Prepa Anáhuac to position itself as a high school closer to a university experience, retaking the concept of leadership as its narrative axis and unifying communication efforts among all the country’s campuses.