Director and Business Strategy

Elena Benítez

The challenges, the process and the learning fill me with energy. I am a catalytic element, I work to turn ideas into actions. I am an integrator, I enjoy adding and collaborating.

Observant and critical. Elena grew up analyzing how the world around her worked; her curious and challenging nature led her to question the way things were done and to imagine infinite possibilities to change what she did not like. Years later, she understood that what in childhood represented many hours of punishment, would become the basis of her professional life.

She began her career designing branding and strategic communication programs at MBLM, where she led projects for large companies such as Prime Blend Mabe, Financiera Independencia, Kaluz, Comex, Alsea and Totalplay, working hand in hand with great visionaries and Mexican entrepreneurs.

As an independent consultant and innovation director at ábargon, she had the opportunity to collaborate with small digital companies in propositive projects and with proactive leaders. In this way, she learned the value of each interaction to build memorable experiences. Some of her clients during this stage were Experimenta, invent, briq, propeler and crehana.

Since then, and driven by this energy of constant improvement, Elena has experimented and moved forward without fear of change. In early 2020 she decided to found Gerundio, an innovation and strategic design agency that, with empathy and a people-centric vision, designs digital products and services that contribute to the integral change and growth of its clients. 

As the director of Gerundio, she has led projects for clients of various sizes and industries, such as Doters, BUNA, eleva+, Sobremesa, Delirio and Hasbro, among others.

There are many things Elena enjoys about her work at Gerundio, such as conducting workshops that trigger digital opportunities for her clients; or being involved in all parts of the process, from the definition of a value proposition to the materialization of the project; but definitely what she enjoys most is working with clients with whom she shares a vision of collaboration and joint growth.

Currently, Elena shares all these ideas and learnings through talks and workshops as part of her task to promote and detonate innovation and design in Mexico.