Brand Design and Experience Leader

Cecilia Rodríguez

Cecilia Rodríguez

“I am excited to tell visual stories. I bring concepts to life. I detonate smiles in the small details.”

Cecilia grew up in a creative and structured environment that led her to enjoy open and orderly spaces from an early age, as well as lighting and the sensations it can generate. Since then, and after exploring all kinds of crafts, she began to develop a strong connection with the intangible: letters, colors, and shapes.

She began her career at MBLM, where she was able to collaborate in the creation of important brands such as Cultiba, Prime Blend Mabe, Salauno, Talavera de la Reyna and the Yucatan state tourism brand, among others.

Later, and as part of the FutureBrand México creative team, she had the opportunity to lead brand projects for various clients such as Disensa (LafargeHolcim), GEPP and Trend Group.

Years later, she decided to return to MBLM to conduct and manage the design team. From that position, she led projects for big clients such as La Madrileña and Universidad Anáhuac, with whom she managed to build close and collaborative relationships and joint growth.

Currently, as co-founder of Gerundio, Cecilia adventures out of her comfort zone every day to experience new challenges. From her perspective as a leader in brand design and experience, she has directed brand creation, redesign and implementation projects for clients from all kinds of sectors, among which BUNA, Doters, Merlyn Mind, Sobremesa, eleva+ and Tallero stand out, among others.

In addition to contributing her creative and strategic vision to each of her clients, Cecilia enjoys building long-term relationships with them, weaving ties through closeness, empathy and constant accompaniment.

Outside of Gerundio, Cecilia shares her knowledge of the industry through mentoring and courses, with which she has impacted more than 10,000 students in different regions of Latin America.

Cecilia has a great passion for telling visual stories and taking care of even the smallest detail when it comes to building impactful brand experiences.