Ubiqüe + Gerundio

How to revolutionize package delivery and pick-up?

Transforming the experience of thousands of people through technology

Ubiqüe is a technological solution offering a network of package delivery and pick-up spots in specific locations, both in commercial premises and self-service points. Gonzalo and Fer, creators of this initiative, approach us to help them consolidate it as an intelligent, full-bodied, and reliable solution for all types of users.

We started by understanding the business model in depth, as well as the category in which it operates. We found various areas of opportunity and detected some interesting positioning territories to boost the brand.

With a clear strategic path, we distilled a distinctive and relevant value proposition, with certain characteristic features that allowed us to design a logo and a visual identity that communicates how practical, efficient, and friendly Ubiqüe is.

Additionally, we developed an attractive and functional website that reflects the brand’s personality and values, with a clear segmentation of its benefits for different types of customers: buyers, sellers, and delivery persons.

Today, Ubiqüe begins to position itself as the most practical and efficient package delivery and pick-up solution, whose network of delivery spots is growing by leaps and bounds, boosting its relevance in the category.