Posgrados Anáhuac + Gerundio

How to communicate academic quality in a modern way?

Creating a communication campaign that speaks to professionals in their language

With almost 60 years of history, the Anáhuac University is one of the most important higher education institutions in Mexico and has become an icon of private university education in the country.

Faced with the challenge of unifying the communication efforts of its Postgraduate and Continuing Education division in the 10 campuses where these programs are offered, Anáhuac sought to create a guiding concept for its narrative and a communication campaign that would promote its offer in a unified manner throughout the country and through its different modalities.

To meet this challenge, we began by understanding the positioning of the university’s Postgraduate and Continuing Education division within the category, analyzing its behavior and trends, and finding positioning opportunities.

We define a series of brand attributes that combine the institutional and reliable character of Anáhuac, with current and modern features that lead it to compete with offers and emerging players within the category.

We capture these qualities in a campaign that presents the Anáhuac University as one of the most attractive options for different types of professionals to continue their education, update their knowledge, and expand their network of contacts.

“Trasciende con Posgrados Anáhuac”, which in English means: Transcend with Anáhuac Postgraduate, is a campaign that positions the student at the center of the speech, talking about opportunities for growth at different levels and inviting their prospects to take the next step in their career, to stay at the forefront of their industry, and/or to grow and overcome themselves through professional education.

To accompany this strategic effort, we refreshed the visual identity of the Postgraduate and Continuing Education division of Anáhuac, using characteristic elements of the university, and complementing them with other features that give it a fresher and more updated personality without overlooking its institutional character.

In this way, we helped Anáhuac to position its academic offer as a great option, both to continue studying and to transcend and take their career and professional life much further.