Abrasada + Gerundio

How to create a meat delivery brand that stands out from the rest?

Building around a unique personality

Abrasada is a meat delivery company that wanted to make itself known through an efficient, transparent, and personalized service. Hugo and the rest of the team behind this project approached us intending to create a brand that would reflect these values and help them quickly position themselves in a very competitive market.

We carry out an extensive investigation to get to know the project in depth. We understood their audiences and the competition to have a global vision of the category. We work on a strategic definition in which we distill the brand’s value proposition, its main benefits, and personality.

Based on this definition, we created the name of the brand: Abrasada, a play on words between the Spanish words “abrazar”, hug, and “brasas”, embers, which reflects the passion for fresh meat and the experience of enjoying it at home.

We generated a communication strategy with a very particular tone of voice, leading the brand to feel close and authentic, capable of connecting with its audience naturally and spontaneously.

We also developed a visual identity that represents the details of a good cut of meat and makes the brand feel modern and attractive, but also close and accessible.

Finally, we created a website and a series of content to start positioning the brand on social networks.

Through comprehensive branding work, we managed to position Abrasada as an authentic, attractive, and differentiated brand, built around the love for meat.