Brand Design and Content

Paulina Barrón

Paulina Barrón

“It moves me to learn. I create ways to connect visually. Like a chameleon, I adapt and resolve.”

Paulina Pepper is from Veracruz and a full-time geek, with a keen eye for detecting the hype of the trendy world. Her constant consumption of trends, her interest in different branches of art, and the need to learn have shown her a range of styles, which she manages to reinterpret in favor of the piece she creates. She has a personal project under the name “fuckyeahpepper”, where she experiments with lyrics and pop culture.

Graphic design has been one of the biggest passion revelations that Paulina has felt so far. The freshness she captures in her work arises from her thirst for knowledge. She has worked in advertising, branding, and the music industry. At Gerundio she is very happy because she can do more than design and is involved in the process of ideas from the beginning.

Currently, she brings to Gerundio the newest trends with a vision to make the world of ideas come alive. Her design strengths, typography abilities, and talent for engaging attention with words and images have always set her apart. Paulina has a lot of ambition, the reason why she considers herself a multidisciplinary designer since she seeks to get involved in everything she can to maximize the potential of her ideas.