Research and Experience Design

Paola Morales

Paola Morales

“I love collaborating. I am proactive and an analyst. I bring joy to every solution.”

Adult with the soul of a child who at eleven years old decided to repair her computer. Despite screwing up several times during the process, giving up was never an option. This is how she defined her goal in her life: “to always be curious and self-taught”.

She started her career as a UX researcher at Laboratoria, without fear of success. A woman with a lot of temper and strength to fight for what she sets out to do. She had no previous training, but her courage and her talent allowed her to develop professionally in a short time. A decision made with her life that now makes her very passionate about.

In Gerundio’s UX area, Paola is in charge of research. With a keen eye for reading data, both qualitative and quantitative, she analyzes needs and behaviors in detail. Here, empathy is a key value to ensure that each digital product fulfills a function and solves an identified requirement.