Experience Leader

Melisa Agúndez

Melissa Agúndez

“I love sharing creative ideas. I connect worlds with passion and freshness. I release visual emotions.”

Sonoran at heart, Melisa is direct and free to express what she thinks, making constructive criticism of everything that can be improved, features of a great designer.

She started her professional career pretty young, at MBLM. Where her first brand concepts and her constant desire to grow were born. Since then, she has been searching for new methodologies and developing in areas complementary to design that enrich her practice.

At Padre Group, she formed a liberator view of design, learning how to turn brands around to keep them exciting and relevant. She confirmed that change is constant and accelerated, both for clients and for her.

Currently, at Gerundio, she designs focused on clear strategies. Her ideal is to generate value in each interaction between brands and users to enrich the brand experience. From the first contact to loyalty, the Sonoran is pure dynamite when boosting your branding is involved.

Mel finds inspiration in different visual and artistic manifestations. She goes through life collecting colors, fonts, songs, poems, series, and movies, always guided by how they make her feel.