Project Management

Luis Noz

Luiz Noz

“I like to organize, work in a team and find ways to relate to others to solve all kinds of problems. I am passionate about finding new challenges every day, avoiding mechanical and monotony work.”

Great conversationalist, organized, and passionate about everything Luis gets involved in, he is a key player when it comes to making things happen.

He grew up in the southeast of Mexico, where he decided to study Graphic Design, but after his first years in the working world, he discovered that his true vocation was in project management.

A few years later, he moved to Mexico City to find new challenges and opportunities in his career. Throughout this time he has been discovering his taste for order and his passion for helping on getting things to work.

Currently, Luis is a Project Manager at Gerundio, where he is in charge of project management, helping to coordinate the work teams to achieve the objectives on time.

Luis stands out for his willingness to help, his great capacity for dialogue with others, and his ability to give order and structure to work.

When he’s not managing projects, he can be found exercising to clear his head, listening to a podcast, or taking a walk with Otto, his dog friend, and partner.