Brand and Communication Strategist

Jaime Del Hoyo

Andrea Vallarta

“I believe that there is a story behind each person, place, or moment. I try to give my best in each project because each brand is a dream trying to come true.”

From Chapultepec to the world. Since childhood, Jaime was characterized by restlessness and curiosity, tormenting his parents with questions and the need to learn something new every day.

Romantic to the core, Jaime spent his youth among books and poems. Convinced of the power of words and a believer that communication will save the world, he decided to study this career at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Since 2017, Jaime began working in advertising agencies doing writing, creativity, and branding. His experience led him to work in industries as diverse as hospitality, soccer, and health.

Today, you can find Jaime working as a Brand and Communication Strategist at Gerundio, giving himself to the maximum in each project because if something fascinates him is supporting brands so that they grow and fulfill the dreams of those who are behind them.