Research Leader

Estefanía Moreno

Andrea Vallarta

“My passion for society and its behavior leads me to focus products on their needs.”

Estefanía grew up in Mexico City’s historical downtown being a very curious human, rebellious, and surrounded by pop culture from the eighties and nineties, which led her to constantly ask how society and its people work.

She studied Social Work at UNAM and specialized in gender studies as a response to her passion for understanding human needs and the search for the implementation of solutions. Along that path, she was introduced to human-centered product design and it was love at first interaction, leading her to learn and focus on user research.

Her background in social sciences and gender studies allows her to understand and empathize deeply with the needs of the people for whom design becomes an enabler, helping different brands and services to transform the realities of their users, as well as the ease to collaborate with transdisciplinary teams. Her most satisfying moment is seeing someone interacting with one of the products she helped design.

Currently, she is part of the Gerundio team as a Research Leader, where she seeks to exploit her abilities as a researcher and bring this knowledge to new challenges and people through the products they use in their daily lives.
When she is not investigating social realities she can be found using her nickname “Clem”, watching cartoons, collecting toys, coloring her skin, chilling with her two feline companions, or drinking mojitos.