Experience Advisor

Ernesto Olivera

Ernesto Olivera

“I like to land ideas. I am a mixture of analytical and emotional. I design balanced experiences.”

Ernesto was born and raised in Oaxaca, with a love for nature that flourished hiking through the Sierra Sur. A love that contrasted with the curiosity for technology and inventions. Thus, he laid the foundations of the solutions that he proposes today as a designer: centered on the user, feeling natural, and enjoying the whole process, like a walk.

He studied Graphic Design at UNAM, because of his love for photography, and upon completion, he began to be interested in web development and interaction design creating interactive products in the extinct Adobe Flash. While working in a software development company, from the marketing area with a constant interest in using methodologies and processes for design, he began to delve into information architecture and web design in a self-taught way from discovery to implementation. , which prompted him to study a UX course at ITAM in 2015 and formally began his career.

During his professional trajectory, he has participated in and led different projects of digital product design, service design, research, conversion optimization, and CX management for local, national, and transnational clients.

Ernesto promotes innovation and best practices for the design of products and services in Gerundio, providing structure, strategy, and experience.