Development Leader and Experience Designer

Edgar Chávez

Edgar Chávez

“I love challenges. I develop solutions with order and simplicity. Lending a hand is my modus operandi.”

Edgar learns by intuition. He knew it since he was 12 years old when he received a slow and limited Windows computer. He explored, investigated, and installed what was necessary to build a better machine. This was his computer, a playful and academic ally for several years.

His potential for programming showed signs when he was in high school programming class and in the absence of a good teacher, he managed to figure out how to use these codes through instinct, logic, and tutorials. His companions looked for him to resolve all doubts.

Currently, he is a designer by profession and the code was a necessity that arose in his career as a designer. One of the aspects that he most enjoys about programming is that it is a meeting point where all his strengths and abilities come together: problem-solving, programming, and design.

The planet is advancing rapidly, and even faster in the digital world, however, this has never stopped him from learning to program in new languages and tools. The good foundations and the virtue of being self-taught have opened the doors to evolve and learn everything that the current market demands. Fortunately, today if his intuition is limited, there are already many support forums to get him out of any doubt, a community that he also feeds.

His problem-solving capacity and teamwork are essential in Gerundio’s day-to-day, where he is always looking for ways to solve problems, help and train the team to improve the products and solutions we develop for our clients.