Brand Design

Carlos De Santiago

“I am moved by the transformative process that occurs when an idea becomes tangible. I am moved by design in all its dimensions and the brand as an integrating element between businesses and people. I debate to know more, I think that there are no absolute truths but rather different contexts and perspectives (although, curiously, I am somewhat stubborn in my positions).”

Charly always wanted to be a musician, but since he didn’t know how he was going to live, he decided to study graphic design (the joke tells itself).

Since college, he developed a love for brands and their ability to provide a sense of belonging to people who seek to identify themselves.

In 2015, after failing in advertising agencies, he realized that he hated that the designer had no word in important decisions and was only an executor of urgent orders. That’s why he ventured to found Ninja, his design studio.

After 3 good years at Ninja, Charly was looking to improve his processes. He knew there were better ways to do things and, therefore, he decided to go to Saltillo to broaden his knowledge of the industry and the projects at Digital Invaders. After four intense months that opened up a new world of knowledge and skills, he moved to CDMX to continue learning.

Since 2018, he has focused on working with young entrepreneurs to shape their projects through brand design methodologies and processes.

Currently, Charly works at Gerundio, where he seeks to consolidate his expertise in the integral design of brand projects while studying for a master’s degree in digital business at the Invader Institute.

Charly wants to be everything: designer, taquero, photographer, grill man, typographer, musician, sociologist, and much more, but he finds in design an opportunity to combine all those desires at the service of people.