Growth and Promotion Leader

Andrea Vallarta

Andrea Vallarta

“I have a passion for data and numbers. I cross information to detonate commercial strategies. I enjoy efficiency.”

Organized and analytical. Since Andrea was a child, she was the one who assembled the plans. Her strategic vision has allowed her to live calmly and efficiently to achieve her goals. Her particular passion for order is reflected in her ability to make data-based decisions, positioning her as an old hand in marketing strategy.

Within her structured mind, there is a space for uncertainty, wrapped in literary narratives, where one escapes for a moment to another reality.

Paul Auster’s Red Notebook is a work that continues to impress her, due to her capacity to connect everything through “coincidences”. She lived the story parallel at the start of her adult life, with many changing people and a city that moves at full speed. For her, active days, with traffic, people, with always something happening, are her favorites. It is part of this adventure that makes her feel alive and nourishes her with new experiences.

Andrea has a degree in Communication Sciences, certified in Interactive Marketing, Google Ads, and data analysis. For more than six years she has specialized in working with performance campaigns, in industries such as Tourism, Retail, B2C Services, and Fashion.

At Gerundio, she supports the definition and strategy to bring business to the digital world, intending to make optimal use of the world’s digital tools, focusing efforts on generating investment returns, brand visibility, and customer loyalty.